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Hanging Around Your Printing

Catch your regular and potential customer’s attention by putting your advertisement right into their hands.  

image of door hangers

Door Hangers are a colorful creative idea that can be hung on the door knob of each and every household.  People can’t help but read or at least scan your message when they remove it from the door knob.

Printed Door Hangers can be a great success as long as you follow a few guidelines:

  • Create a catchy headline by utilizing numbers, strong adjectives and outrageous promises
  • Make the content creative and fun and people will remember you
  • Brand your business with a catch phrase.  If you don’t have one, then check out what other companies are using and rephrase it to make it your own.
  • Contact information include your Company Name, address, email, website, phone number
  • Call to Action like a time limited offer
  • Vibrant colors and eye catching font styles
  • Maximize the space by printing on both sides

Door knob hangers are an affordable advertising method for the small business owner. There are plenty styles to choose from and they are one of the top ways to promote your business. 

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Out with the Old, In with the New.

Yes, it’s time to ring in another New Year once again. 2012 will be here in just a few more days! Boy, how time flies.

This past year has been one of growth for us and for our clients. I have worked hard all year helping my clients grow their business which as you know, in turn helps to grow mine. For this reason, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting your Sunny’s, The UPS Store. Together we have made each other’s businesses better!

In my books, there is nothing better than the satisfaction of knowing I helped some one – in this case another business. With today’s economy as it is, growing a business is one of the hardest thing to accomplish. Many consumers no longer have the loyalty they used. They are easily swayed by better pricing, convenience and in our case the U.S. Border. By working together we are re-establishing loyalty to Niagara. We are educating consumers to know that the cheapest price isn’t necessarily the best ‘deal’. It is finally starting to sink in that shopping in the U.S. loses jobs in Canada undermining our own economy. When you think about it – do you really save anything by going to the States? After the tolls, the gas, and the time it takes do so – have you saved? Sure there are some things that are that much cheaper that it seems worthwhile. But then there’s the warranty and service issues, plus some products cannot be sold in Canada due to our stringent safety regulations. So I ask again, just what are you saving?

Oops, I strayed from the topic at hand. Which is THANK YOU!

This year our store was honoured with being nominated for the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce Small Business Achievement Award. That meant a great deal to myself and my staff. It meant that people appreciate our efforts.

Much of my success is due to the countless hours spent networking to grow my business. As much as this is work related, I think of it as fun. I thoroughly enjoy attending the various events and getting to know others in the business circles. And people are fast getting to know me. How could they forget this Sunny personality? There I go, tooting my own horn again. But heck! I deserve it! And so do you! Make sure you commend yourself on a job well-done! Reflection at this time of the year is on the top of everyone’s list. What did I do this past year to make a difference? What I’m going to do in the New Year to make a difference?

For me, it is to continue printing Sunny Side UP! It’s that simple!

Happy New Year every one!


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Have a Wonderful Christmas

From myself and my staff, we wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas. We are enjoying the day, as we hope all of you are.

It is a time for giving, sharing and being with family. A time to enjoy the treasures and beauty of life. A time to remember.

Have a Sunny Side Up Christmas!

PS … We’ll be back in the store on Wednesday, December 28th.

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$300 vs $99 What sounds better?

What are your business plans for the New Year?

I know, I know – you’re too busy thinking about the Holidays to be thinking about 2012 as well. But….

Now is the time you should be thinking about the New Year. What better time to do so – when you’re relaxing at home in front of the fire with that Christmas drink in hand. I’m not saying you should sit with pen and paper – or maybe Ipad. I’m just saying it is possible to think about what you would like to see happen in the New Year for your business.

Then comes January 3rd when you head back into the office with those New Year’s resolutions going through your head to increase sales and awareness, build the addition on the store or add a new company vehicle – you might just have a better idea of where to start.

One of the planning strategies I put in place is developing a budget for print material. Yes, I give print material its own category in my yearly budgetary plans. I do not clump it into marketing and advertising. Why? Because A) not all printed material is marketing per se. B) It usually plays a large role in my monthly expenditures. And believe it or not, even though I am my own printer, it is an expense for me as well.

So, sit down at the beginning of the year, analyze your printing expenses from 2011 and before. Determine when you are most likely to require re-orders of your business cards, sales forms, envelopes, brochures, promotional items, name tags, stamps, etc., etc.,

Next, look at the quantities you ordered last year. Determine if they were cost-effective. For example: Did you order 500 business cards for yourself five times throughout the year,  at a cost on average of about $60 with each order?  If that was the case, why not consider ordering 5000 cards this year at a cost of $99 (our store special).

Do the math:

500 x 5 is 2500 business cards: Cost: $300

5000 business cards ordered once: Cost: $99

I’m sure you can see the difference here.

Simple cost-savings solutions are always offered ‘printed sunny side up’ at the UPS Store on McLeod Road. Subscribe to our blog for future helpful planning tips and savings.

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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way to the UPS Store

Yes, we’re getting in the spirit of the season! The calendars are coming out of our ears. I think my staff and I have the months of the year embedded in our brains now. On a better note though – it sure is nice seeing all the family photographs were putting on these personalized calendars. Some are cute, some are funny – some you really don’t want to know about. That’s what we deal with during the holidays, photos, photos and more photos for all the personalized items we can produce.

Here’s a list:
• mugs
• year-at-a-glance calendars
• 12 month calendars
• mouse pads
• t-shirts
• dog bowls
• door hangers
• coin banks
• holiday stockings
• tote bags
• nail files
• t-shirts & apparel
• holiday ornaments

… and much more

The shopping experience that’s always offered Sunny Side Up!

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